Erwin is one of the main characters in the Cliffhangers storyline. He is the underling of Colonel Haken. Usually, Erwin is the voice of reason for the good colonel, though Ginny Smith occasionally drives him to an extreme of sorts. Usually, Erwin's main statements involve critiscising Nazi policy.


His first appearance was in strip 30, but he is not named until strip 174.


Comparing the Third Reich to a zepplin: "Full of gas and likely to blow up at any minute?"

On stealing the Mayan Codices: I fear history will not judge us kindly, Herr Colonel.

On the power of the Mayan Codices: Didn't the Maya collapse into decadence and get defeated by the Spanish in a few years?

On comparing the Third Reich to the Roman Empire: They tried to become a thousand year empire, and look at what happened to them...