This theme parodies the James Bond books and films, and as the Dr No. series was the first to be made, with "From Russia with Love" as the current series (started on strip #1830). The strips follow the plot of the films almost to the letter, with the comedy being generated entirely from the situation and analysis of Stud's (Bond's) flaws and actions.

The protagonist, James Stud, is supposed to be an inversion of Bond. Where Bond is assured and collected, Stud is incompetent. Where Bond is suave, Stud is--despite his nickname--utterly lacking in charisma. Stud's advances Sylvia are universally rebuffed.

Recurring CharactersEdit

James Stud, 0x0A, is a parody of Ian Fleming's James Bond 007.

Ñ is an ex-naval admiral and head of the British Secret Service.

Ü is the head of the technology division of the Secret Service.

Miss Geltschilling is Ñ's secretary.

Dr No.Edit

Dr. No is the main antagonist of this storyline

Sylvia Ditch is the lead female character from the Dr No. series.

Quarrel A native of Jamaica who helps James Stud in the Dr. No storyline and gets killed by a dragon.

From Russia With LoveEdit

Kronsteen a.k.a number 5

Number 1