The Mythbusters theme is a parody of the Discovery Channel show "MythBusters". It revolves around the show's hosts, Adam and Jamie, attempting to confirm or disprove often absurd urban legends. Their attempts to do so often use explosives, usually resulting in either one or both of them dying.


Adam often particpates in dangerous experiments without considering the effects they might have on him. He was the first of the two to be killed by an experiment.

Jamie is the wiser and more cautious of the two, but occasionally falls victim to the experiments.

Myths TestedEdit

  • You can achieve fame and fortune by making webcomics: Busted.
  • Smoking is bad for your health: Busted.
  • Choking on a giant frog is fatal: Confirmed.
  • You will be rewarded for remaining loyal: Busted.
  • Death waits for no man: Confirmed.
  • Nothing is certain but death and taxes: Busted.
  • Putting pineapple in a gelatin dessert does something interesting: Busted.
  • People arrested by US Customs recieve a full strip and body cavity search: Confirmed.
  • The government employs shadowy Men in Black: Plausible.
  • Great white sharks are maneaters: Confirmed (or maybe not).
  • A popular TV series starts to go downhill when a character jumps over a shark: Currently unknown.
  • Webcomic artists switch comics on April Fool's Day: Confirmed.
  • Biting a bullet dulls the pain of surgery: Currently unknown.
  • A Nazi falling from a zeppelin can catch a package that was thrown out first: Busted, experiment sabotaged.
  • Working with traditional hatmaking chemicals can make you go mad: Busted.
  • The dead cannot communicate with the living: Busted.
  • The infinite featureless plane of Death is featureless: Busted.
  • The infinite featureless plane of Death is infinite: Busted.
  • A game of chess is used to determine the fate of one's soul after death: Busted.
  • Adam can't mythbust his way out of a paper bag: Busted.
  • You can contact the dead with a seance: Busted, then confirmed.
  • Everyone speaks English: Busted.
  • Nazi science was capable of keeping a brain alive in a jar: Confirmed.
  • Dead men tell no tales: Confirmed, then Busted.
  • Kevin Bacon really appeared on Irregular Webcomic!: Busted, then confirmed.
  • Martians have invaded Earth: Confirmed.
  • Hollandaise has to contain egg yolks: Busted.
  • AK-47s are so reliable that you can submerge one in a bog for one year and it will still fire perfectly: Busted, then plausible.
  • There is life after death: Confirmed.
  • The grass is always greener on the other side: Busted.
  • Parallel lines meet at infinity: Untested.
  • You can't argue with death: Busted.
  • In an emergency, anyone can perform surgery by following written instructions: Currently unknown.
  • You can safely pull a tooth using only string and a doorknob: Currently unknown, but presumed to be Busted
  • No man waits for death: Busted.
  • Everyone does the same thing when you say "On the count of Three": Busted.
  • Cogito Ergo Sum ie "I think, therefore I am.": Busted.
  • The simile "Black as Hades" is accurate: Busted.
  • The river Lethe erases memories, and the river Mnemosyne restores them: Confirmed.
  • Sirens lure sailors to their deaths: Confirmed (untested).
  • Elvis is alive: Untested.
  • The world goes on without you: Confirmed.
  • Time travel is possible; parallel universes exist: Confirmed.
  • Killing your past selves will cause a paradox that tears apart the very fabric of the Universe: Confirmed.
  • It is possible to create the Universe in seven days: Busted.
  • It is possible to create the Universe by a Big Bang: Comfirmed.
  • A particular scenario involving time travel is workable: Confirmed.
  • We will have flying cars by the year 2000: Busted.
  • Time travel leads to paradoxes: Confirmed.
  • "What are nice girls like you doing in a place like this" is a horrible pick-up line: Confirmed.
  • Alcohol impairs judgement: Confirmed.
  • Dinosaurs and humans co-existed Confirmed.
  • It is possible to become your own grand-father: Confirmed (?).
  • Martians exist, and the government is covering up the existence of flying saucers: Confirmed.
  • An Allosaurus has can only see its prey if it moves: Busted.
  • Myths about strange and legendary places and events (in general): Confirmed.
  • Greatness is often linked with insanity: Confirmed.
  • You can build a time machine using instructions off the Internet: Confirmed.
  • There was a huge queue of inventors lined up to patent time machines on the day the US Patent Office first opened in 1790: Undecided.
  • If we travel in time, the Earth will move from under us and we end up drifting somewhere in space: Undecided.
  • You can only die once: Busted.
  • Mars is inhabited: Confimed.
  • ... by a dying race: Confimed.
  • ... of superior intellect: Busted.
  • There are canals on Mars: Busted.
  • Copenhagen Interpretation of quantum physics: Undecided.
  • One gram of antimatter can cause an explosion as large as 43 thousand tons of TNT: Untested.
  • Antimatter is equivalent to normal matter going backwards through time: Confirmed.
  • Time travel can mess up history: Confirmed.
  • Dental floss can be used to cut through the prison bars: Untested.
  • The saying "I could care less" means something similar to "I don't care at all": Untested.
  • Rapture will not happen until the year 2060: Currently unknown.
  • It is possible to escape from chains while underwater: Currently unknown.
  • Cutting away and not showing the action scene really annoys the audience: Confirmed.
  • All good things must come to an end: Busted.

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