Nazi science is a specialised form of science used by Nazis. It is noted, mostly by Colonel Haken, for the number of things it sneers at, including the boundary between life and death [1] and the English language [2]. However, there have been signs that it is quite effective in matters other than sneering [3] [4].

Things Nazi Science Sneers AtEdit

  • Boundary between life and death [5]
  • Aerodynamic Implausibility [6]
  • Boundary between linguistic genders [7]
  • The Survival of the Fittest [8]
  • Headgear fashion trends [9]
  • The English language [10]
  • English clichés [11]
  • Punchlines [12]
  • The fourth wall [13]
  • Coming up with "red line" jokes [14]
  • Stopping for Anything [15]
  • Fraternizing with the enemy [16]
  • At the Head Death [17]
  • Temporal Paradoxes [18]
  • Limited notions of causality [19]
  • Social etiquette[20]
  • The space-time continuum[21]
  • Twinazons

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