Located mostly in the northern hemisphere, North America is home to many major countries.

North america

A Map of North America

Places of InterestEdit

There are many inerresting places and countries in North America, here are just a few.

United States of AmericaEdit

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The second largest country on the continent, the United States of America (commonly abbreviated USA) Is home to The Allosaurus, (the current President) who was born in the state of Montana, and Is also the birth place of Dr. Montana Jones (Utah) Prof. North Dakota Jones (Unknown), Minnesota Jones (Unknown), and Dr. Ginny Smith (Unknown).

The Jones family originated from here and they are all named after the countries states.

George W. Bush who was born in Texas and attempted to be reelected after his first term but lost to The Allosaurus

The citizens are called "Americans".


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The country to the North of the USA

The citizens are called "Canadians".


The country to the South of the USA.

The citizens are called "Mexicans".