Steve Holding a snake

Steve, one of the main characters of the Steve and Terry theme, is a recklessly enthusiastic expert on wildlife. His particular area of expertise appears to be snakes and reptiles, but he will happily engage with any dangerous, maligned or endangered creature. Steve appears to be genuinely unaware of the meaning of fear, worrying more for the animals that attack him than for his own personal safety. Even the most terrifying of situations will generally elicit no more than an exclamation of "Crikey". In most people this attitude would lead to an early Death, but Steve has an odd talent for invincibility. This in turn has led to a considerable grudge against him on the part of the Deaths, for whom he is considered fair game since the death of Death of Being Wrestled to Death By Steve, who, in yet another demonstration of invincibility, was Wrestled to Death by Steve. Three U.N. conventions ban him from coming within 50 km of Africa.

Steve's wife is the long-suffering Terry. He has something of a love-hate relationship with Jane Goodall, who dislikes his attitude.