This theme focuses on the characters Steve and Terry (modeled on the late Steve Irwin and his wife Terri), and their increasingly bizarre exploits, bringing them up against yetis, sharks and the mighty Cthulhu.


  • Steve, based on the real-life crocodile hunter, he is an Australian wildlife enthusiast.
  • Terry, the wife of Steve, and the (albeit unheard) voice of reason in this strip
  • Cthulhu, an elder god who strikes fear and insanity into the hearts and minds of men and women alike, destroying any that cross it. Except Steve, who just thinks of him as a mighty strong brute.
  • The Charity Collector Guy, a man who collects door-to-door for various charities
  • Jane Goodall, based upon the real-life woman of the same name, she cares about the wildlife in a far less haphazard way than Steve, who she thinks is an idiot and hates viciously.

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